Assam: Best Places to Visit for Nature and Culture

Scenic view of Majuli Island with lush greenery and river.

Welcome to the enchanting land of Assam where you will find nature at every corner alive.  Take a visual trip of everything that Assam has to offer, from lush tea gardens to sprawling wildlife sanctuaries in the northeast state of India. Be it an adrenaline junkie, wildlife enthusiast or a history buff, Assam caters to all.

Enjoy Kaziranga National Park – the abode of majestic one horn rhino and numerous other wild animals Be mystified by the spiritual vibe at Kamakhya Temple: one of the top shrines in Hindu religion. Relaxing in the lap of mother nature, unwind across an arresting landscape with your better half on Majuli – described as world’s largest river island. Do not forget to enjoy a relaxed boat ride on the grand Brahmaputra River amidst beautiful countryside landscapes

Relish the taste of Assam tea, which is famous for its unique flavor & fragrance. Go shopping in the colourful markets of Guwahati, the state capital to indulge and understand its traditions. Assam- the very name of this beautiful land portrays warm hospitality and picturesque charm that promises to make sure every traveler has an unforgettable experience. So, pack your bags and take a go through to the top most places in Assam and let those memories find their resting place into your heart for eternity.

Kaziranga National Park: Paradise for Nature Lovers

Kaziranga National Park latoto Assam Located right in the heart of Indian state, Kaziranga National Park has been a Paradise for wildlife lovers. The highlight of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is its rare and endangered one-horned rhinoceros that also boasts as the main attraction in park. Home to more than 2,400 rhinos. Kaziranga is the best place for an incredible conservation success story!

However the park is more than just rhinos It is a shelter to many types of animals such as Tigers, Elephants, Leopards and different kind bird varieties. The park has the size and four differing ranges, all that of course bring their own unique attractions. For those who enjoy the adventures of life, jeep safaris and boats or even elephant rides are a great way to explore the park.

A trip to Kaziranga is incomplete without that rare spectacle – the park’s year-round elephant herd on its annual migration. They migrate during dry season and can be seen crossing the great Brahmaputra river in search of food. The perfect place for you to witness the beauty of nature! The unison of diverse species Kaziranga hosts will always be memorable for the one who has seen it while still remaining a lifetime experience for any others visiting there.

Majuli- 1st River island of World

Flowing through the mighty Brahmaputra river, Majuli is even recognised as the largest River Island in the world which covers a total range over 350 square kilometres. A sparkling gem of Assam|Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Majuli, the largest river island in India and its incredible culture site snuggled amidst majestic Brahmaputra River, is one such unique enchanting destination that unfolds a true essence of rich cultural trail intertwined with lush beauty sprawling to accommodate an all-genre traveler.

You can feel how the moment you step into this island, your mind moves to another level of calmness and tranquility. You will find an aura of calm and beautifully deafening silence as you cross vibrant local villages popping up like mushrooms against the lush green landscapes. Many traditional Assamese communities live in Majuli, and each has its own customs, traditions or art forms.

Undoubtedly, visiting the abundant satras – clergical orders of Vaishnavism in Majuli is one of these impressive highlights. These ancient centres of spirituality and culture, not only provide a reflection of the rich traditional cultures but also bring forth some best art-forms like making masks, pottery or weaving that has evolved with time. Enrich yourself with a myriad of cultural activities, dance performances and workshops to partake in Assamese heritage.

In addition to these cultural highlights, it is a nature heaven as well for the wildlife aficionados. It is rich in bird species; hence it attracts numerous ornithologists to come and watch the birds. There are boat rides on the Brahmaputra River that allow tourists to enjoy untainted panoramic views of adjoining landscapes as well. Majuli, being the largest river island in India is a top tourist place of Assam; whether you want to experience solitude or go more cultural and traditional.

Kamakhya Temple – Popular Destination

Situated on the Nilachal Hill in Guwahati, Kamakhya temple is considered to be one of the most important and respected pilgrimage places for Hindus. This temple is the ancient Indian Temple of Mother Goddess Kamakhya which is an important and significant historical site for every believer who comes from all over the world to visit this site.

Kamakhya Temple is a one of the kind temple, unique in its architectural style which incorporates both Tantric and Vedic traditions. The Garvagriha or the main shrine is a very esoteric and puzzling construction that has this holy stone in yoni form to symbolize energy, as sacred feminine. The temple is visited by pilgrims from far and wide who come to seek the Goddess’s blessings, attend puja or festivals which are held throughout the year.

The festival celebrated with the greatest fervour at Kamakhya Temple is the Ambubachi Mela, an annual event which occurs on monsoon season. This is the time when it happened that people believed the temple menstruates every year and they come crowed to pay regards and beg for Divine grace. Those who have faith in the holy mother, flock to this wonderful celebration of feminine (Goddess) power from all parts of India and even across countries.

Apart from its spiritual significance, the Kamakhya Temple is an architectural marvel too. The carvings, the structures and the peace contribute to make themselves a sort of siren-song for people visiting this magnificent temple complex. Whether you are a religious Hindu or just someone interested in travelling, your visit to Kamakhya Temple will be one that can never escape from your memory.

Guwahati-Manas National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located near the Assam-Bhutan border, Manas National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to one of India’s most stunning wildlife conservations. This gorgeous biodiversity hotspot is home to a plethora of wild animals, such as the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger, shy Clouded Leopard and Vanishing Asian Elephant.

One of the rare and endangered primate species, Golden Langur found only in this national park. Manas also offers exciting Jeep Safaris and Elephant rides in the park to get a view of these majestic animals sitting pretty in their natural surroundings. The park provides many opportunities for bird watching, with more than 450 species found within its borders.

Manas National Park is not just a Wildlife Sanctuary but also home to some beautiful landscapes of our mother nature. The park’s hills, rivers and forests serve as the perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in nature. Trekking and hiking are particular highlights in the rugged terrain for die-hard enthusiasts, while others can relax aboard a boat ride on the Manas River.

Manas National Park is different, though – it has cultural value unique to this park. Indigenous communities long connected to the land and its wildlife, like those of a Bodo tribe are found within this National Park. Local markets bursting with colors, a rich historical heritage and on top of that the fairs make tourists explore into the heart & soul of local culture.

Boat ride on the Brahmaputra River with beautiful countryside landscapes.

Tawang Monastery : Religious and cultural hub

Situated in the beautiful lower Western Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang Monastery is a real jewel located on Indian soil. This divine and cultural landmark is the largest Monastery in Asia, second-largest monastery next to Tibet’s Lhasa Monastery. It provides a great opportunity for visitors who are keen on exploring some of thee Best Places to Visit in Assam with nearby places.

The Tawang Monastery (19o42’N/91o27’E), known in Tibetan as Galden Namgey Lhatse, and established in the 17th century is one of the spiritual centres for lamas of the Mahayana Buddhist community. This magnificent structure, with its golden rooftops and intricate murals, looks like something straight out of a fairy tale that mystifies tourists – transporting them back to another epoch.

Visitors are able to watch monks performing their daily rituals at the Tawang Monastery. Here, visitors have the opportunity to see traditional chanting and meditations performed by monks, as well as participate in debate sessions that give them a real taste of this region’s rich cultural heritage. This Jewish monastery also has in offer assortment of ancient Buddhist scriptures, thangka paintings and other invaluable articles which provides the window to look into its past religious beliefs.

Apart from its religious importance, the Tawang Monastery has also become a cultural centre. The monastery also hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year, during which you can see locals performing traditional Monpa dances. Guests can explore the traditional art and craft, such as wood carving, weaving or pottery to further enrich themselves with local culture.

Discovery of Tea Gardens in Assam

The globally acclaimed tea of Assam is the de-rigeur destination for all those who have a benign thirst to travel through an evergreen expanse of some lush green tea gardens. These emerald green plantations, scattered among the hills and river valleys of the area provide a mesmerizing look at this major tea-producing region’s rich pastime.

Walking through beautifully maintained tea plantations, the fresh picked leaves perfume the air. Guests can avail guided tour of tea estates and learn about the reconstructive operation from leaf to box. Some of these tea gardens also provide harvesting experiences, which is a chance for visitors to glimpse into the sweat and work that goes behind every cup of good-quality tea.

Apart from the artisanship of tea making, this destination is a sheer nirvana for nature admirers like me as far as I know. The area is rich in lush landscapes with a wide variety of plants and animals such as rare birds and the odd spotting of an elusive leopard. Visitors can expect to stroll through the tea gardens (on foot, by bike or a not-so rustic vintage tea-plucking truck) amidst serene surroundings.

For those looking for an even deeper experience, many tea estates in Assam provide accommodation where guests can further embed themselves into the local scene and way of life. You can experience the Tea Gardens and Agri Tourism in Assam like never before, coziest homestays to luxury heritage bungalows; these staycations will take you around this awe-inspiring part of tea-growing region from close quarters

A leisurely boat ride along the Brahmaputra River, which leads to Majuli thereafter is an experience which you must enjoy while in Assam. The Brahmaputra is one of the largest rivers in the world, and actually takes a route over 2,900 kilometers long were it really ever to sate its huge system.

Sail through the peaceful Brahmaputrre, only to be greeted with a 360-degree view of Assam’s beautiful sceneries. With this part of the country playing host to an enviable three hundred days’ worth of sunshine a year, you can delight in views ranging from emerald hills and tea plantations to charming rural hamlets and bustling riverside towns – all presented against its verdant beauty!

There are several highlights on any Brahmaputra River cruise, watching the daily life of villages thrives along the banks being one of them. You’ll get to see quaint riverside markets, watch fisher folks at work and even meet warm locals who reside on the banks of Brahmaputra. This original cultural experience will leave you with a richer insight into the great legacy of Assam.

And apart from the culture and sights, a Brahmaputra river cruise is an opportunity to see some incredible array of wildlife. Different bird species inhabit the river and surrounding wetlands, there are also Gangetic dolphins – an elusive mammal from trenches with a rare source. Accompanied by knowledgeable naturalist guides, you will be able to see these awesome beings up close and personal in the wilds of Assam creating memories for a lifetime!

Itinerary of Sivasagar:Sightseeing places in Siddisgarh

Former capital of the Ahom kingdom, Sivasagar is a veritable treasure trove for an avid traveler. It has many historical monuments and also offers rare insights into Assam’s rich ethnic i1. The ancient city situated in center of the state features an amazing collection of monuments, archaeological sites that explore vividly about its rich history.

In Sivasagar you will find one of the most iconic landmarks, an enormous stone temple called the Sivadol that stands as a monument to Ahom architectural prowess. The 17th-century grand building with an intricate carving, colossal in size that you must visit if architecture and history are the enthusiast topics.

Kareng Ghar is the ancient palace of Ahom kings in Sivasagar also a significant historical place. This 95-acre complex was a capital with administrative and residential buildings of the kingdom which is now converted into an interesting museum relating to tympanums, sculptures from temples, different types of dresses worn by all tribes. Discover grand halls of intricate carvings and well-preserved artifacts that breathe life into the long-forgotten Ahom era.

Besides the famous landmarks Sivasagar also has a plethora of other historical sites like ancient temples, royal tanks and some archaeological excavations. These guided tours are an opportunity for visitors to explore the hidden treasures of this mesmerizing city and get deeper insights into Assam’s vibrant cultural heritage, as well as stories that have contributed towards shaping the history of Assam.

Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam during the Ambubachi Mela.

In Conclusion: Why you must visit Assam

This exhaustive guide also gives you an insight into just how much more Assam has in store for all kinds of travelers. One of the seven sister states, Assam is home to some wonderful natural safari destinations (Kaziranga National Park and ManasNationalPark in particular) as well as scenic beauty islands like Majuliand sacred siteslike Kamakhya Temple.

However, the appeal of Assam lies beyond its natural and cultural treasures. A place known for its warm hospitality, where the locals greet you with open arms and a true intention to make sure their legacy is passed on. Whether you are sipping the world-famous Assam tea, experiencing their colourful local markets or delving into history and traditions of this region…the love shown by these warm-hearted people is ever-lasting.

Moreover, its strategic geographical position sandwiched between the Himalayas and tumultuous Brahmaputra River offers it to be a gateway for experiencing one of the most beautiful yet remote regions called North East India. This part of the country is a real frontier for those seeking adventure, from the snow capped mountains in Arunachal Pradesh to Meghalaya’s lush green landscapes. If you like reading this article then please consider reading our article about Annapurna.